jamin on February 18th, 2005

Well I finally got rid of Movable Type and made the switch to WordPress. I evaluated WordPress 1.4 and wasn’t terribly impressed but WordPress 1.5 is slick. It only took me about 8 minutes to download, install, and import my MT entries. There are some broken links and that sort of thing, but overall, it went smoothly. If you notice any problems, let me know.

I really like the default theme, but I’m making some minor tweaks to it. Stay tuned…

Unfortunately I had to remove the blogs I was hosting for friends. :( I’m hoping they’ll move to a hosted blogging service because I always enjoy reading what my friends write.


7 Responses to “Switched to WordPress”

  1. I love the new look….

  2. I did a google search for “chess tactics” and I found your blog! Good to see that you still have an interest in chess.

  3. If you still want to host blogs for your friends you could always install multiple copies of WordPress. wp-config.php has a variable where you can specify a different prefix for table names so you could have multiple copies of WP using the same database.

  4. Or you could use WordPress Multiuser.

  5. I like the new title bar!


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