jamin on February 21st, 2005

blogging software: WordPress 1.5 is a pleasure to use. I particularly love the settings for dealing with comment spam:

comment settings

The main reason I switched from Movable Type to WordPress was due to the restrictive license changes for MT. So I switched for philosophical reasons. But now I’m enjoying the practical benefits.

sushi: On Saturday a bunch of us went to The Drunken Fish to celebrate Lori’s birthday. We had fantastic sushi. I highly recommend the sashimi appetizer and the drunken fish roll:

The Drunken Fish Roll is a large, elaborate, multilayered construction, with tempura shrimp and steamed asparagus at its center, then rice and seaweed, and an external coating of masago (crunchy bright orange fish roe) and a purplish-maroon variety of raw tuna, probably Big Eye. The fermented saltiness of miso is also in evidence by way of a “Japanese mayonnaise,” and the various flavors and textures make it quite an enjoyable adventure as you bite through the successive layers.

I don’t recommend their martinis, however. The “Drunken Martini” tasted like bubble gum and the dirty martini I had was warm, not mixed well, and hustler dirty. The great sushi made up for the bad drinks and inspired me to try to make my own.


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  1. Hi Jamin. I’m curious to know what in particular about the MT license you found overly restrictive.

    We at Six Apart are always striving to make sure that our customers needs are met and expectations are exceeded both in terms of the quality of our software and the nature of our licensing/pricing. In fact, as you may remember, we modified our licenses and prices shortly after they were debuted in response to feedback from the customers and we’re certainly not averse to listening to suggestions for future changes.

    However, in order to adapt, we need to understand what the specific issues are at hand. I’d love to have your input on ways we can make the Movable Type experience better.

    I’ll check back later, but you can also reach me by email or on my office line during the weekday: 415-344-0056 extension 184.

    Thanks very much,
    Jay Allen
    Product Manager - Movable Type

  2. Initially, the issue was that I hosted the blogs of 4 or 5 friends of mine. When i went to upgrade MT I noticed that the limited use free version only allowed 1 author and 3 weblogs. So I considered my options for several months. I considered paying for the supported basic personal version. I am not opposed to paying for software. But in the end I decided that I wanted to go with a completely open and free (as in speech, not beer) solution. Interestingly enough, the initial issue (wanting to host multiple blogs) ended up not playing into my decision making process as I decided to just host one blog (for a number of reasons).

    I enjoyed using Movable Type. You guys at sixapart really know how to design easy to use web software. But as an open source software engineer, I felt that in the end, the freedom to use and modify the code was the most important “feature.”

  3. some japanese places you should try. It has the Laura Stamp of approval:
    1. Sansui
    2. Miso on Meramec
    3. -of course this isn’t Japanese food, but I absolutely love Vietnam Palace.

  4. Cool. Thanks very much for your feedback, Jamin. Happy weblogging. :-)


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