jamin on June 21st, 2005

Over the Rhine is playing here in St. Louis at Blueberry Hill this Friday. I would describe Over the Rhine as the result you get when you take the Angel with the sexiest voice in Heaven, put her in front of a talented rock band, and then give her pure poetry to sing.

I don’t know who this blogger is, but she describes an experience I’ve had more than once:

Considering how long it’s taken me to get here, you’d think things would be much more thought out. Not so. It’s a Friday night: a screwdriver and an Over the Rhine bootleg show on the stereo. Snow covering most inanimate objects, and the moon and stars as witness to another hour’s vigil on this God-hidden earth.

Karin is about to launch into “Drunkard’s Prayer” (”sort of a little hymn,” she says). I am ready to be split in two, crosswise.

“You’re my water
You’re my wine
You’re my whiskey from time to time”


“Whether or not your lips move,
you speak to me.”

Sitting on my floor in the dark with the music pouring over my head and into my ears like heavy, holy oil… I suddenly know that it’s ok to be alone (to be the only one in this very moment experiencing this and understanding).


6 Responses to “You’re my whiskey from time to time”

  1. another opinion on “over the rhine” after sampling a few of their mp3s: boring derivative drowsy roots music for guys who miss ally mcbeal. snore! even though drowsy roots music isn’t my thing, better was written a generation ago (joanie mitchell etc)

  2. Fair enough, although the samples on their web site aren’t the best examples of their style.

  3. Want some good music? Check out Okkervil River (from Austin, TX). The new album ‘Black Sheep Boy’ is one of the best of ‘05. Especially ‘For Real’ and ‘Black’….check em out!! You won’t be dissapointed.

  4. good music , i really like it
    Does that means i miss ally mcbeal too ?
    Yep maybe ;)

  5. t-rev: Wow, love Okkervil River’s sound. Thanks for introducing me. I’ll have to buy their new album.

    As for Ally McBeal, I never saw a single episode of that show so I can’t say I miss it.

  6. Wait till you see them live, an amazing live show! They were in STL a month or so ago at the Way Out Club, I think that’s what it is called (on Jefferson). They are going to be in Chicago end of July at Wicker Park festival, a few of us are heading down there from Mpls.

    Black their new album is great but the others are all equally impressive!