jamin on February 23rd, 2006

This is the best video demo of Xgl/Compiz I’ve seen yet:

Xgl Demo 57.9Mb xvid

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22 Responses to “Jaw-dropping Xgl demo”

  1. Yeah, but does it have sound? Totally quiet here…

  2. No, the video demo doesn’t have sound.

  3. Well this be included into Gnome or only being done to the Novell Linux Desktop.

  4. It will be included in any Linux distribution that chooses to ship it. Ubuntu, for example

  5. Whoa, now that was impressive.

  6. Hi, XGL is REALLY impressive, I like it, and I think the GNU/Linux graphic server needs a boost. I hope XGL will be soon in all our desktop.

    Just a question: What’s the differents from AIGLX? AIGLX seems to be more retro-compatible, but I haven’t seen video yet. Thank you.

  7. Awesome!

  8. Aldo: you might start by reading David Reveman’s thoughts on Xgl and AIGLX. And Chris Blizzard’s thoughts and Miguel’s comments here and here.

  9. What hardware specs was this run on? I’m looking at putting together a new system (Laptop, preferably) and I’d love to be able to run this…

  10. Ken: check out this Xgl page for some details on hardware. Really you don’t need a terribly expensive card..

  11. Yay for pointless eye-candy that other platforms have been able to do for years! :/ When’s anyone going to do anything original with this sort of thing? Even Apple found the coolness of these sort of effects mostly useless, to the extent that they hardly use them for anything any more.

  12. numpty: I agree that some of the effects don’t really serve any purpose. For example the “wobbly windows.” But many of the effects are extremely useful from a usability point of view. For example, when switching to a different virtual desktop, currently it appears like your windows just disappear. I’ve had users complain about that before. “I pressed this button on the task bar and all my windows went away!” Now you can see a visual clue that you’re actually moving to another desktop. The same principle applies to minimizing windows. And when doing alt-tab type scrolling through your applications that are open, it’s really handy to see a live image of that window rather than just an icon. So a lot of these effects are anything but pointless.

    And even if it’s “just eye candy” does that make it less cool? I have to spend hours a day looking at my desktop and I want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Effects such as these can make using computers more fun.

    As for your point about other platforms having these features, who cares? The point is that now this stuff is available on free and open source platforms, making them available to a whole new set of users. Not eveyone can afford to go out and buy a Mac.


  13. I agree that some of these “eye-candy” features enhance usability: the “stickiness” of sticky windows, for example, gives you a visual indication of the window’s alignment, rather than the jarring “jump” of traditional sticky windows. The virtual desktop moving is definitely an enhancement to usability for the exact reason Jamin describes. And the Expose-like thumbnails are terrific… Expose is really the only piece of Apple’s UI that I miss when I use GNOME.

  14. I can’t download a fifty-megabyte video! Does anyone have a ruthlessly compressed version (

  15. I got this working with SuSE 10.1 following the instructions here: http://en.opensuse.org/Using_Xgl_on_SUSE_Linux — it was fairly painless and this stuff is AMAZING. The zoom feature is awesome for visually impared people those with tired eyes (like me right now!). Really, incredibly cool stuff. The Linux desktop will never be considered “the ugly duckling” once this makes it into the mainstream.

  16. If you search google video for xgl it will come up with a couple videos. Here’s a link to one of them: http://video.google.com/videop.....&q=xgl
    Although it is ruthlessly compressed and missing lots of frames so it’s going at super fast speed.

  17. are there any release dates established ?


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