jamin on June 12th, 2006

XSPF Web Music Player is a web-based (flash) mp3 player you can use to share music with visitors to your site. It offers slim, extended, button, and Firefox sidebar forms and uses the XSPF format for defining playlists. Check out these instructions for generating the playlist and embedding it in your page. And you can check out what music I’m enjoying.

Update: Zaheer Abbas Merali pointed me to Cortado which is a java applet for streaming ogg.

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4 Responses to “How to embed an mp3 player in a web page”

  1. Why promote flash which is proprietary and mp3 which is patented when you can promote free formats like vorbis which can be played with the free software Cortado applet?

  2. 95% of my music collection is lossy mp3 which is difficult to convert to .ogg without a further quality degradation. The stuff I’ve ripped myself in the past 4 years is all ogg vorbis, though..so I’ll keep that in mind. I’m not a free software purist–I’m a pragmatist. But I’ll definitely promote the free software, non-proprietary solution at every opportunity. Hadn’t heard of Cortado; thanks for educating me.

  3. Alternatively, you can just use an tag referencing the MP3, and expect the client to have a media player which will play it; Windows and Mac users will almost certainly have a player plugin installed, and GNU/Linux users have various options there including the Totem Mozilla plugin, mplayerplug-in, or just downloading and playing the file. On that last note, please ensure that on any page where you embed a file, you also provide a convenient link to the file so that people don’t need to dig it out of the source in order to download it and play it locally.

  4. how can i embed oggvorbis player in my web page with out using the applet winamp player that needs java enabeled browser.